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CCL Canada Newsletter
April 2020
Table of Contents:
Register for Spring Rendezvous 
What We Are Lobbying For 
En-ROADS Policy Stimulator 
Earth Day 2020 Media Release 
Featured Media Hit 
Our Virtual Spring Rendez-Vous
CCL’s Climate Advocate Training – Canadian Style - morning session
If you want to lobby with us, then you will need to be trained. Can’t attend? View this previous Canadian training session:
Conference Opening followed by back to back presentations - afternoon session (on the East coast)
Welcome and land acknowledgment: Gerry Labelle and Cathy Orlando 
Musical guest: Angie Nussey
Jason Dion, Mitigation Director,    Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
Celine Bak, Founder & President,   Analytica Advisors  
Climate Lawsuits Around the World and in Canada
Dr. Dianne Saxe, Danielle Gallant, Alex Neufeldt, and Sophia Mathur
Carbon Pricing Around the World and Closing Comments
CCE international staff and CCL members from around the world will share insights into international carbon pricing developments, followed by a Q&A.






A Request for Fair, Effective and Predictable Carbon Pricing 
What we will be requesting when we lobby our parliamentarians this year? 
Fair, effective and predictable carbon pricing.

The conclusion of our formal request states:   “The societal wealth we enjoy was made possible with fossil fuels. As we transition into a carbon-neutral economy, unprecedented, timely, and evidence-based action is needed. For a liveable world, please consider working with us to champion one or more of our requests.”

Read the full text, a.k.a. “the leave behind” for all the details:
CCL Canada Education Call: Doug Pritchard, Climate Interactive Ambassador 
In preparation for lobbying in 2020, we have been learning about many solutions to the climate crisis, while keeping in mind our key focus: carbon pricing. 
On Thursday, April 30, 2020, Doug Pritchard, coordinator of Toronto East, a CCL Beaches-East York member, Chemical Engineer, and En-ROADS Climate Ambassador, led us on an insightful tour of the EnROADS climate solutions simulator.
“Everyone needs to understand this!” said one of the participants.
? Understand what? That carbon pricing is a powerful mitigation policy and in combination with the right complementary policies, we can achieve a liveable world. 


MEDIA RELEASE: CCL Urges Evidence-Based Decision-Making
The good news: The Canadian parliament and 500 Canadian communities have declared climate emergencies.

The bad news: The most recent data show Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) rose by 15 megatonnes in 2018.

Before you start pointing fingers, please read and then consider the evidence and recommendations in our Earth Day media release.



CCL Canada STATISTICS: Our volunteers have not slowed their efforts because of the COVID crisis. Check out this annual comparison of report statistics as of May 3.
2019: Reports submitted (383) Newspaper media hits (158)
2020: Reports submitted (479) Newspaper media hits (201)

This month’s letter comes from one of our newest members. It was published in the Toronto Star.

It’s time for the government to think about going green
Re: With oil reeling, is it time for investors to go green? April 27

Jacob Lorinc’s article makes a compelling case that replacing fossil fuels with renewables could remove major risk from investment portfolios.

The piece poses the question “With oil reeling, is it time for investors to go green?”

Isn’t it time for governments to also go green, and transition economies away from fossil fuels? This would help to avoid the major risks to the economy resulting from over-reliance on single industries.

It would also help to avoid the major risks to the earth from global warming.

Jeffrey Levitt, Toronto

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