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CCL Canada Newsletter
January 2019


Table of Contents:
Save the Date CCL Ontario 
Thank You to All Unsung Heroes 
Fridays for Future Strike Updates 
Petition: ECO
CCL Canada Featured in Guidebook 
Featured Letter to the Editor 
Save the Date CCL Ontario
CCL Ontario members are going to Queen’s Park for an all-party breakfast in the dining hall at Queen’s Park and lobbying on Tuesday, March 26. They will be gathering for dinner and education the night before at Friend’s House on Lowther Avenue in Toronto.
To our members, please look for actions and registration in the February action sheets that will go out in early February.

Ontarians, please look for the registration details for this event our February newsletter and bookmark this event page.  Registration opens February 15.


A thank you to all the unsung heroes 
“It would be very easy to go down the negative rabbit hole and become completely cynical on the issue of climate change.  But this issue changes everything so we can’t afford to let negativity drag us down. Besides, who is convinced to act by cynicism?  Nobody. CCL is relentlessly positive because that’s really the only way to succeed. We can effect change. We can be part of something that matters.,” wrote  CCL volunteer Cathy Lacroix.

Click here to read more about Cathy Lacroix’s gratitude for the work of the unsung heroes in Citizens’ Climate Lobby.
Fridays For The Future Strike Updates
In January 2019 there were 11 Fridays For Future climate strikes in Canada including the cities of  Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Perth, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Sudbury, and Fredericton. Each group self-organized. Here is a brief glance:

  • Youth in Peterborough made their way to the Toronto strike in January

  • One #FridaysForFuture striker was joined by another, to have two strikers in Fredericton

  • Sudbury youth lobbied Mr. Dominique Giroux, the President and CEO of Northern Ontario’s largest hospital, and asked through his leadership to get the  hospital to follow the Lancet Countdown’s recommendations

  • CCL volunteers in Kitchener-Waterloo helped with their strike and Caterina Lindman blogged about getting out of her comfort zone and finding inspiration from young people

  • Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Hamilton from CCL Vancouver and her friends were part of Vancouver’s declaration of a climate emergency
What comes next?  Some of the Fridays For Future climate strikers in Canada are planning to join the European-wide strike on March 15 even though it is a Canadian school holiday week for parts of Canada.  Canadians are currently in the midst of determining if they should hold a big strike in the spring. Will it be May 3? Stay tuned. For now they will continue to strike once a month or more.
How you can help? If you know of any Canadian youth who are striking that are not on this list please have them sign up and get on Greta’s World Map. Let’s get too connected to fail.
Ontario Premier Doug Ford is planning to shut down the office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario on May 1. He announced it almost to the day of the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the office.
“Why silence the watchdog unless you’re planning to do something you don’t want the watchdog to see?” asked the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Dr. Dianne Saxe recently in a news article.
The Ontario government has made a huge mistake in cancelling this office. Read more here.
Public pressure led to the Ford Government backing down on section 10 of Bill 66 which would have undone many hard won environmental laws. Don’t give up.
Call your MPP and voice your concerns.
Please take a moment to sign and share this petition too:
CCL Canada Featured in an Activist Guidebook  
The Spark of Connection Social Mobilization for Climate Action was written and compiled by Andrea Hedly, a British Columbian sustainable community planner and engagement specialist.
The Guidebook draws upon four case studies of successful climate mobilizers. Climate mobilizers are dynamic leaders in organizations inspiring citizens to take part in climate action. Their common link is in finding ways of bringing people into the climate movement, whether on a neighbourhood sidewalk or inside government chamber walls.

The four case studies are:

LTE of the Month: Doug Ford's Ludicrous Claim
Carole Lavallee in Chelmsford called out Ontario Premier Ford’s ludicrous claim that Canada’s carbon pricing policy would cause a recession.  Here is the her LTE in the Toronto Star.
The Premier plays to his base
I have to call it as it is. This article would be funny were it not for the seriousness of Ford’s unsubstantiated claim that the carbon tax can lead to a recession. Thankfully, economists across the country swiftly called him on that, er, lie. They should know.
How is it that ads have to be honest while our Premier can deceive on such a serious matter? The preservation of our planet is of epic global importance. It calls for honesty about what tools and strategies effectively and efficiently lower greenhouse gases. Such is how economists describe the carbon tax used within a sturdy plan.
Ford would better serve by shelving facile fear mongering and rising to the skill level required of a leader. Nothing less will do.
Variations of this letter were also published in the Sudbury Star, Timmins Daily Press, Stratford Beacon Herald, the London Free Press, Toronto Sun, the Crag and Canyon, the Fort Saskatchewan Record and The Hamilton Spectator. For unlinked letters please search for them at Note they are only listed temporarily in the Pressreader.
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