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  CCL Canada Newsletter, March 2017


Table of Contents:
CCL Ontario Lobbies their MPPs
Canada Budget 2017 Installment #1
CAN Reaction to Budget
Laser Talk: How Revenue-Neutral Carbon Pricing Alone will Spur Low-Carbon Investments
National Director for CCL Canada Reflects on International Women's Day
CCL Ontarians Lobby their MPPs to Save the Climate

Sudbury ON:  On March 27-28, 2017, 27 Ontarians from Sudbury, London, Waterloo, Georgetown, Erin, Willowdale, Vaughan, and Toronto gathered at a small conference and then lobbied their provincial parliamentarians for Ontario's carbon pricing policy to go onward and upward.  This is the third time members of Citizens' Climate Lobby have lobbied at Queen's Park since March 2012.

Constituents met with 8 provincial parliamentarians face to face and the staff of four others.  Of note, they met face-to-face with the Minister of Energy, the Honourable Glenn Thibeault and the opposition critics for the Minister of Environment and Climate Change:  Ted Arnott (Progressive Conservative of Ontario) and Peter Tabuns (New Democratic Party of Ontario).  On March 31, constituents will meet with their MPP, the Honourable Deb Matthews, Deputy Premier of Ontario.

Read more about it here.

Canada Budget 2017 Installment #1:  The Trend To Clean Energy Is Irreversible

CO2 is rising faster now than in any other time in human history.   Going forward, Canada and the world needs a carbon price of at least $150 per tonne by 2030, elimination of fossil fuel subsidies, and border tax adjustments to level the playing field with countries that don't have equivalent carbon prices.  Most importantly, carbon pricing must protect the poor and middle classes and be impervious to cynical and populist attacks.  Climate and energy are highly connected and complex issues.  Citizens' Climate Lobby volunteers across Canada are here to help create political will one riding at a time.  Read the full media release HERE.   

Climate Action Network Reacts to the Federal Budget

Since 2011, Citizens' Climate Lobby Canada has been an active organization in Canada's Climate Action Network (CAN-Rac).  CAN-Rac Canada is a coalition of 100 organizations from the country that care about how a changing climate affects people, plants and wildlife.  They work to advance solutions to managing our carbon pollution through sustainable and equitable development.  

Read their media release here.  It includes a statement from CCL Canada.

Laser Talk:  How Revenue-Neutral Carbon Pricing Alone will Spur Low-Carbon Investments

In 2018, Canada will establish a floor price on carbon pollution of $10/tonne, rising to $50/tonne by 2022.  The federal government will provide a carbon pricing system for provinces and territories that do not adopt their own systems.  For the carbon price to reduce emissions significantly, it must continue to rise past 2022 and reach at least $150/tonne by 2030.  A simple projection by CCL Canada members shows this could increase the cost of living throughout most of the 2030's to approximately $2,000 per person per year.

There are already rumblings of a populist tax revolt over the cost of cap and trade in Ontario, estimated to be about $140 per person per year.  Imagine the outcry at $2,000.  The clear lesson is that high carbon prices will impose unacceptable costs on consumers.  CCL has always proposed offsetting these carbon pricing costs with dividends to households, i.e. being revenue neutral.

However, others have opposed revenue neutrality.  They want the government to invest the revenue in various ways to help the transformation to a low-carbon economy.  They ask, "where else will the investment money come from?"   The simple answer is that higher fossil fuel costs will spur the investment needed for this transformation much more efficiently than would government spending.  Read more here

National Director for CCL Canada Reflects on International Women's Day

Ten years ago, I know where I was when I heard the conclusions of the fourth Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on February 16, 2007.  I was in my living room.  It was lunch time.  I was seven months pregnant and forty years old.  The news came on CBC Radio.  This is what I heard, "If humanity continues to stay on the same path of greenhouse gas production ,the planet is going to be a very difficult place to live on forty years from now."

I was so frightened that my knees shook and became so wobbly that I could not stand up.  What would life be like for my unborn daughter when she was forty years old?  Time stood still.

Extremely fearful thoughts of mass migrations of humans brought on by shortages of water and food as a result of climate change.  I saw all the women's rights gained in my lifetime dissolve.  In that moment I made a commitment to my unborn daughter I was not going to let her world fall apart.  Read the full blog here.

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