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CCL Canada Newsletter
October 2020



Table of Contents:
November 23 Special Event
CAT Training Canada
Connect with CCL Canada
Unanimous Confidence Vote
MPs and Petitions
Help CCL Colombia
Featured LTEs
Monday, November 23, 2020 Special Canadian Event

Acknowledging the truly exceptional times we’re living in, we polled our leaders. With their feedback in mind, in lieu of a full-day online conference, we will conduct a special event on the evening of Monday, November 23, 2020. The online conference will be moved back into early 2021. A lobbying component that is separate and optional will also be held. Details can be found below.

On Monday, November 23, Dr, Renée Lertzman will help us all achieve new heights in our activism. She has spent years straddling environmental work and psychology. Watch Dr. Lertzman’s Ted Talk: How to turn climate anxiety into action to understand the journey we will take together in November. 

We hope you will join us on a journey of learning how being in tune with our own emotions and the emotions of others around us with regards to the issue of the climate crisis can be harnessed to make us all better human beings and climate activists.

Registration is free but required.



Canadian Climate Advocate Training

At CCL Canada, we are focused on defending and improving Canada’s carbon fee and dividend policy. Our methodology works and we are building upon more than 10 years of institutional wisdom and success in Canada. 

We are conducting two training sessions on how to lobby in November. If you wish to be part of those events, please sign up here by Thursday, October 22, 2020.  We will then send out a Schedule Doodler to determine the dates and times of training sessions. The final dates will be  communicated  via our newsletters, monthly action sheets, CCL Canada leaders’ emails, and our various social media channels. 

All are welcome—from newbies to veterans and from coast to coast to coast.  

Connect with CCL Canada 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter Pages and Instagram.

Want to get to know us personally? If you are receiving this newsletter directly from us, then you have access to the CCL Community.  Our CCL Canada group in CCL Community is where we interact, send out action alerts, and share the most important data on carbon pricing and climate accountability. If you have lost your password you can request a new one on the page. If you are receiving this indirectly, then sign up here to get your own CCL Community account. 

Want to start your own group in your community? First find out whether there is already a CCL chapter near you by checking this map.  If there isn’t one, then email and we can help you get started. 

Thank you everyone for all you are doing for the planet. 

MEDIA RELEASE: Has Canada finally turned a corner? 

Has Canada finally turned the corner on the climate emergency? 

You can read about our reaction to the unanimous confidence vote in the House of Commons. It followed a critical week for the climate that included a speech from the throne; the Supreme Court of Canada hearings on the constitutionality of the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act; PM Trudeau’s stark warning in his virtual address to the United Nations General Assembly; and a national climate strike spearheaded by Fridays For Future youth.


CCL Canada and Parliamentary Petitions

Richard "Dick" Cannings is the MP for South Okanagan-West Kootenay. In the past month he has twice read CCL Canada’s paper Youth Petitions in the House of Commons--on September 30 and  October 7. Please consider thanking MP Cannings on Facebook for supporting youth and climate action in the House of Commons. 

Marc Serré is the MP for Nickel Belt. He sponsored our Parliamentary e-petition e-2542 and he read it in the House of Commons on October 6. He emphasized that the government should redistribute the carbon fee revenues back to the citizens as a cheque or bank deposit rebate instead of a tax credit. This small change would help immensely in countering the disinformation about Canada’s carbon pricing policy. Please consider thanking MP Serré on Twitter and/or on Facebook (Français or English) for supporting improvements to Canada’s carbon pricing policy.

Thank you to everyone who signs and promotes our Parliamentary Petitions. CCL Canada’s petition resources can be found on our Resources pages under the Parliamentary Petition Project tabs in both official languages: Français and English.


Help CCL Colombia - Take Action For Life 

Colombia is the most dangerous place in the world to be a social justice or environmental activist. At least 223 social leaders have been murdered this year alone.

Our CCL colleagues are helping to spearhead a campaign to put global pressure on the Colombian government to do more about it. 

The campaign is called #TakeActionForLife - #OJOaLaVida Campaign. 

Democracy is our solution to the climate crisis but we can't have democracy, let alone protect the people and the environment, if voices are stifled by the threat of murder. 

We can raise our voices as global citizens so that both in Colombia and in the world, working for human rights and the environment does not cost lives.



Featured LTEs - Mark Taylor from Calgary

One of our newest CCL recruits is Mark Taylor and he lives in Calgary, Alberta.

In a span of two weeks he got two letters to the editor published in the Calgary Herald.

His first letter,  It's Time to Build Back Better was published on September 28. Mark called for a revenue-neutral carbon price of $220 tonne by 2030.

His second letter was published on October 6 and was titled Oil Giants Can Clearly See What is Coming. Mark said, “what we should be doing is holding the government to its promise of phasing out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies by 2025” … “Rather than paying oil and gas companies billions to lay off citizens, we could be using that money to retrain and re-educate those facing unemployment in anticipation of capturing a part of the estimated $26 trillion worth of climate-focused growth by 2030.”

Thank you Mark and everyone who sends letters to the editor to their local media. You are all making a huge difference. 

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