Save the Date: November 23, Climate Accountability & Open Letter to the Government of Canada and more.

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CCL Canada Newsletter
Summer 2020



Table of Contents:
Save the Date: November 23
Climate Accountability
Open Letter to the Government 
Public Dollars Funding Fossil Fuels 
Sign e-Petition #e2452
Scoring a Hat-trick in the Globe
Save the date: Monday,
November 23 for Our Online Conference

We are at a time of massive change. It can be disorienting and uncomfortable.

It’s important to recognize that civilization continues to evolve. We don't see most of the good that is going on.

We must trust that if we stay focused and others do their work, we will achieve a liveable world and a just transition to a low carbon economy for all. We must trust in all the light that we cannot see. And that is the basis of the theme for our upcoming conference.

For now, tentatively circle the date, Monday, November 23, 2020 for our second online conference and lobbying days in 2020. We are 99% sure this is the date.

Registration will open in September and then you will know it is real. For now, if you like updates on Facebook, please consider joining the event page.



CCL Canada Also Lobbies For Climate Accountability

Soon after Canada enacted the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) Canada volunteers collectively came to the conclusion that Canada needed climate accountability laws and began lobbying for them in May 2019.

Fortunately, CCL Lobby Canada is not alone in this desire.  Ecojustice, Canada's largest environmental law association, along with Climate Action Network Canada, the West Coast Environmental Law Association, Environmental Defence, the Pembina Institute, Equiterre and the Canadian Institute of Climate Choices are all working on climate accountability.


Our Submission to the Canadian Response to the COVID Pandemic 

In June, the Government of Canada made a request for submissions on ways to address Canada’s COVID recovery. Post-COVID Canada must climb out of a huge debt, address income inequality, and tackle the climate emergency. Here is a summary of our submission detailing how to create a just recovery for all: 

  1. Canada has an income inequality problem: carbon fee and dividend will address this problem.
  2. Canada has never met a climate target: enshrining climate accountability laws will address that problem. 
  3. We are in a climate emergency: a carbon fee and dividend is the most silver-bulletish policy available. It will cut GHGs, and spark investments in clean tech while not burdening the poor or middle class.
  4. Carbon pricing must be done in combination with other policies and we list the complementary policies that we support.
Public Dollars Funding Fossil Fuels Funding During COVID
Launched in July 2020 the Energy Policy Tracker website tracks where public money is being used on energy during the COVID crisis. Its findings show that, as of August 12, 2020, Canada spent almost six times more on fossil fuels compared to clean energy (the website updates regularly so check back regularly). A full and current breakdown for Canada, the provinces and the territories is available here.
It appears countries performing better than Canada have embedded evidence-based climate-change plans into their national laws (Germany, France  and the UK), or have science embedded into their constitution (India). This points to the need for climate accountability laws in Canada. 
It also appears that countries with a climate-denial problem are heavy fossil fuel investors relative to clean energy (USA, Australia, and Canada). This points to the need to build the political will to address climate change one riding at a time in Canada as no single organization has the financial where-with-all to take on the climate denial machine because it probably has more money and resources than we can imagine.  

Sign e-Petition #e2452 by August 18

For 10 years Citizens Climate Lobby has been building the political will for an effective Canadian carbon pricing policy.  Please consider signing our Parliamentary e-petition sponsored by Marc Serré, Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt, to support improvements in Canada's Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. Enhancing our national carbon pricing policy would help Canada cut emissions, reduce income inequality, and spark investments in clean energy.  


  1. Log in / sign up at the government website
  2. Sign the petition:
  3. Click the confirmation email from
  4. If you don’t get a confirmation email, please sign the petition again. Apologies in advance. The parliamentary e-petition website is reportedly clitchy at times.
  5. Note that the petition expires at 10:15 am PDT / 1:15  pm EDT on Tuesday, August 18. 

Please also help us spread the word by retweeting our cartoon, infographic, youth video and/or descriptive  video in support of #e2542, sharing/liking our cartoon or infographic on Facebook or sharing/liking our cartoon and/or infographic on Instagram.

SIGN #e2542


Featured Media Hits - Scoring a Hat-trick in the Globe and Mail 

CCL Canada got a hat-trick in the Globe and Mail on July 17 in response to Ottawa Hesitates To Seize Opportunity To Tackle Climate Change by columnist Adam Radwanski on July 13. 

Cathy in Sudbury, ON wrote of how countries with climate accountability laws are ahead of Canada on responding to the climate crisis. Ron in Nelson, BC shared Canada’s dismal record on clean energy investments during COVID. And John in Etobicoke, ON wrote about the “huge potential value added in enabling more clean hydro power to flow from British Columbia to Alberta, Manitoba to Saskatchewan, Quebec to Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This value would also be increased by raising the carbon tax.” 

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