Spring Rendezvous Success, CCL Youth Costars in TV Show & #EarthComesFirst and more.

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CCL Canada Newsletter
May 2020



Our government is spending hundreds of billions of dollars on a COVID recovery package.

This newsletter contains several ways that you can help steer Canada in a good direction.

Let’s build a better Canada and ensure a just recovery for all. 




Table of Contents:
Spring Rendezvous Success 
CCL Youth Co-stars in TV Show 
Sign e-Petition #E2452
A Just Recovery For All
More Online Climate Warriors 
Featured Media Hit

We are Forging Ahead Online During COVID Crisis

On Monday, May 11, 2020, we brought Canadian and international climate experts together in a wide-ranging, virtual conference watched live by more than 100 CCL members from seven provinces and viewed online by hundreds. 

Keynote speaker Jason Dion, Mitigation Director of the Canadian Institute of Climate Choices, a new national research institute with a mandate to bring clarity to Canada’s climate choices, shared his perspective on how to legislate climate accountability. This was timely because one of the lobbying requests of CCL Canada is the legislation of science-based GHG targets. He acknowledged CCL Canada for its advocacy of the carbon fee and dividend policy: “You folks were saying it early and often and should take some credit for where we are today.”

To view the online videos from our conference, visit our webpage dedicated to the event, our Youtube Channel or our Facebook Videos.  

Throughout May and continuing into June our volunteers are lobbying their MPs virtually for improvements in carbon pricing. Look for an update on the results in next month’s newsletter.



CCL Greater Sudbury Youth to Co-star in TV show

On United Nations' World Environment Day, four Canadian youth activists with a shared passion for making the world a better place will be featured in a new Kids Original documentary, CitizenKid: Earth Comes First. Premiering on Friday, June 5 at 5:30 p.m. ET/PT on YTV, CitizenKid: Earth Comes First follows Sophia Mathur (CCL Greater Sudbury), Cooper Price, Charlene Rocha and Hannah Alper as they set out to raise awareness about climate change issues and empower kids to take action. CitizenKid: Earth Comes First is inspired by the award-winning CitizenKid book collection from Corus Entertainment's Kids Can Press, designed to inspire kids to be better global citizens.

Sophia Mathur has been active on climate issues from a very young age. She has been lobbying with us in Canada since she was seven-years-old, her group built the first Parachute for the Planet in Canada in the winter of 2018, she was the first youth outside Europe to strike with Greta Thunberg in November 2018 and she is a plaintiff in the lawsuit against Ontario Premier Doug Ford for weakening Ontario’s GHG targets. 

Here is what Dr. David Suzuki said about the Earth Comes First documentary: “As Greta Thunberg demonstrated so powerfully, young people are challenging adults to protect their future and are putting their energy and their time into galvanizing their peers to become active in the movement. This film is an inspiration for young people.”

We have seen the video. It is powerful for all ages. 


#EarthComesFirst Online Action on World Environment Day

You can also support climate action on World Environment through another YTV initiative. Post a short video on social media, sharing how “Earth Comes First For You.”

Here is the script: "Hi, my name is [XXXXXXX] and I put Earth first by [XXXXXX]" #EarthComesFirst @CitizenKidTV @ytvofficial #ytvofficial #YourCountry 

Here is an example: "Hi, my name is [Charlene Rocha] and I put Earth first by using reusable water bottles." #EarthComesFirst @CitizenKidTV @ytvofficial #ytvofficial #FridaysForFuture #Canada 

Videos examples:

Sign Our Parliamentary e-Petition #e2542

Here is another COVID safe activity you can do on World Environment Day. Please sign our Parliamentary e-petition. It is about carbon pricing. Of course, it is evidence-based. Here is how to sign:

  1. Login or sign up at the government website https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/
  2. Sign the Petition: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-2542
  3. Click the confirmation email no-reply@petitions.parl.gc.ca
  4. If you don’t get a confirmation email, please sign it again. Apologies in advance. The parliamentary e-petition website is reportedly clitchy at times.

If you are on Twitter please retweet and comment on CCL Canada Tweets and Dr. Hansen’s Tweets about our #e2542 #carboncashback #climateincome e-petition.

The fact is most Canadians do not know they received a rebate and that makes Canada’s carbon pricing policy vulnerable to attacks by anti-carbon-taxers who have placed false information all over social media just like the anti-vaxxers. 

Dr. Hansen is a huge proponent of the climate action incentive rebate from the government being a bank transfer or cheque from the government.  He wrote about it recently in his essay, “Fishing for the Big One - In Canada”.


CCL Canada signatory to #AJustRecoveryForAll

We can’t go back to business-as-usual after the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada is one of almost 200 organizations that are signatories for a movement for a #JustRecoveryforAll that puts people first.  

At CCL Canada we are focused on lobbying for carbon fee and dividend because it is internationally recognized as an effective way to reduce emissions. Happily, as a side side effect it also reduces income inequality. We are supportive of all paths to zero carbon and are proud signatories to #Justrecoveryforall.

If you belong to an Environmental organization, why not suggest they support Just Recovery For All too:



More Actions For Online Climate Warriors

The Federal government is currently determining how billions of dollars are being spent right now. It is anticipated that the federal cabinet will be working COVID-delayed Federal Budget 2020 in July. We need to tell them now that business-as-usual is not OK.  

At our Spring Rendezvous Dr. Dianne Saxe gave us some great advice on what you can do right now from home  

1) Contact your Member of Parliament with an endorsement: https://clean50.com/cleanreset/

Don’t know who your MP is? No problem, just type in your postal code: https://www.ourcommons.ca/members/en

2) Ask your City Councillor to sign the Climate Caucus open letter:


For Torontonians if you are not sure what Ward you live in go here: https://www.toronto.ca/city-government/council/members-of-council/

If you live elsewhere Google: "who is my Councillor in _city name_"


Featured Media Hit

One of our newest CCL members, Jan McQuay, had an article about our recent conference published in the Manitoulin Expositor.

“Last week, Citizens Climate Lobby Canada, an organization I just joined, held an online conference to help prepare citizen advocates to lobby their MPs for improvements in Canada’s carbon pricing policy over the next four weeks,” said Jan McQuay, of Mindemoya. “With the pandemic, I believe people realize how important it is to pay attention to our epidemiologists, and it is equally important to pay attention to our climatologists. If the world after the pandemic looks like the world before the pandemic, we will be heading straight for runaway climate change.” 

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