CCL Canda Back on Hill, Canada adopts fee and dividend to price carbon and more.

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CCL Canada Newsletter
October 2018


Table of Contents:
CCL Canada Back on Hill
Canada adopts CF&D 
Canadians for Carbon Dividends
Support Bill 69
Youth To Climate Strike With Greta
Live: We Don’t Have Time
LTE of the Month
Donating to CCL Canada
CCL Canada lobbies in Ottawa again
From October 13-16, we were back in Ottawa for our 5th annual conference, and thirteenth time as a collective. We sent 55 volunteers to meet with members of Parliament. In total, including lobbying in home ridings by members across Canada this month, CCL Canada volunteers met with 54 Parliamentarians and/or staff.
Thirteenth time lucky is what the foray onto Parliament Hill will be remembered as. While on the hill, there were indications that carbon fee and dividend was going to be announced as the official backstop policy for Canada from a few parliamentarians and as you can see below, we received the great news on October 23.
With a national election coming up next year, political attacks on the policy will be coming fast and furious, so the job of generating political will for carbon fee and dividend is by no means finished in Canada. Success will hinge on our continued approach of persistent and respectful engagement that eschews partisanship. As one conservative MP told the group, “We like you because you are nonpartisan.”
CCL’s Cathy Orlando and her daughter Sophia were also featured in a TV report that touched on the Parachutes for the Planet project displayed on Parliament Hill, which seeks a soft landing for the climate crisis.
Videos from the Canadian conference can be viewed on CCL Canada’s website.
Read our media release here.



Canada adopts fee and dividend to price carbon
Eight years of relentless lobbying (793 documented meetings) by the volunteers of CCL Canada paid off this week with the announcement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that carbon fee and dividend will be the default policy for pricing carbon in Canada.
Prime Minister Trudeau summed up the problem simply in his announcement on October 23: “It is free to pollute, so we have too much pollution.” He presented the solution simply too, saying, “Starting next year, it will no longer be free to pollute anywhere in Canada. We are going to place a price on the pollution that causes climate change from coast to coast to coast. We’re also going to help Canadians adjust to this new reality.”  Read More Here.
“We’re the little lobby that could,” said Cathy Orlando, CCL’s International Outreach Manager based in Sudbury, Ontario. “Our patience and persistence has been rewarded with an effective program that puts Canada on the path to meeting its global obligation on climate change. Today’s announcement is also an affirmation of CCL’s approach to engaging government with an attitude of appreciation, respect and being nonpartisan.”
Learn more from CCL’s press release.
Cyber-support Canadians for Carbon Dividends 
Canadians for Clean Prosperity is a group that works to have an economy that is prosperous, while preserving a clean environment. Mark Cameron, their Executive Director has been a speaker at three of our conferences including our most recent conference. You can watch his most recent and very uplifting speech here.
Like us, they advocate for a price on carbon pollution, with the funds returned to Canadians. Part of ensuring that Canada has a robust carbon fee-and-dividend policy is to build the political will for the dividends or the “climate action incentive payments”. Canadians for Clean Prosperity has started a social media campaign, and are asking for our help.
Please Support Bill 69
Do you remember the 2012 Omnibus Bill that stripped many environmental protections in Canada without consultations?
Canada is now rebuilding our environmental protection laws and the West Coast Environmental Law Association and a Senator have asked us to build the political will we need to pass Bill C-69, which for the first time explicitly requires climate to be considered in environmental assessments of projects like pipelines and oil sands mines.
Opposition forces are trying to kill Bill C-69 in the Senate, and we need help making sure it goes through. In particular, "Suits and Boots," a corporate campaign from the oil and gas industry, has been getting folks to place calls and write letters to Senators demanding that they #killbill69. They're starting to get attention in the media and from Senators.
In response to this, we need Senators to know the environmental community and the public support the bill and strong environmental laws.
Please fill in this form and share it.
Sudbury Youth Joins Climate Strike 
In August, when 11-year-old Sudbury youth Sophia Mathur watched  a video about the Swedish 15-year-old young woman, Greta Thunberg, who is striking from school, she asked her mom if she could strike from school too. At the time, her mom said, “Let’s think about it”.
When she returned home from lobbying on Parliament Hill last week, Sophia and her mom talked and concluded that they needed to do more to create the political will for climate action. They researched more about Greta and found out that she is only striking on Fridays.
Sophia agrees with Greta, “If adults don’t care about our future why should I? What is the point of going to school?”
Thus, Sophia has decided to join 15-year-old Greta’s “Fridays for a Future” and strike from school one Friday a month to draw attention to the fact that adults are not doing enough to protect her future.

The Climate movement is growing and change is happening!
Livestreamed Seminar by We Don't Have Time & Global Utmaning
When: Saturday, November 24, 2018, 3 pm - 5.30 pm  Central European Time (UTC+1)  in Sweden which is in the morning in the Western Hemisphere. Please carefully note your time zone, especially as changes in daylight savings time will come into play.
Where: The event will stream live at:,  Facebook and Twitter @wedonthavetime0
Details: On Earth Day 2018, the organization We Don’t Have Time conducted a day long no-fly conference highlighting the urgency and solutions to the climate crisis and is nicely summarized in this video here. On November 24, they will be conducting a seminar about necessary transformations and people that create change. The conference will be focusing on transformation and the growing contemporary climate movements and actions that must become successful if we are to transform the world.
Moderator: Catarina Rolfsdotter  

Guests: Anders Wijkman (Club of Rome),  Stuart Scott, Maja Rosen, Cathy Orlando (Citizens’ Climate Lobby), Per-Espen Stoknes, Tomer Shalit, Jamie Margolin (Zero Hour Founder). More to be announced!
Letter to the Editor
After our lobbying days and then the big announcement about Canada becoming the first country in the world to pass carbon fee and dividend, our amazing volunteers turned to generating political will in the media to continue to propel the momentum of a carbon pricing in the right direction.
  • One of our parachute makers in Sudbury, eleven-year-old Sophia, daughter of our national director, was interviewed by CTV about the parachutes for the planet display on Parliament Hill.
  • Cheryl McNamara and John Stephenson both got letters to the editor published in the Globe and Mail
  • Cathy Lacroix got two letters to the editor published in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Sun
  • Sonia Kurmey and Doug Pritchard were published on the Saturday editorial pages of the Toronto Star
  • Joanne Light in Halifax poured her heart out in an opinion piece published in her city’s biggest paper.
  • Cathy Orlando in Sudbury was interviewed on CBC radio for her reaction to Canada’s national carbon pricing policy.  
We are so grateful to our volunteers for understanding which critical lever of political will they had to pull on in a timely manner without us having to the cue them. They are the best volunteers on the planet and a huge reason why we are winning and going to win. 
And for us at CCL, winning equals a liveable world.
About Donations to CCL Canada 
Canada is the first country in the world to enact carbon fee and dividend. 
This has been epic journey over the past eight years.  

We just achieved the ultimate goal for any lobby group: the government enacting what we have been lobbying for!  
This rarely ever happens - so we have been told.  
And in Canada we did this with no paid staff.   
So some of you might be thinking, “I want to help this incredible group with some serious cash so they can do more amazing work and help defend the carbon fee and dividend policy Canadians and humanity so desperately needs to ensure a liveable world.” (Along with other government policies of course).
At CCL Canada, we conduct our donation drive once a year in December.  
This is critical to note: in November, Citizens’ Climate Lobby USA conducts  their major donation drive. Please note that donations made to CCL USA from Canada do not go to Canadian initiatives.
Thus, please wait just one more month to donate to CCL Canada. Our precious volunteers hours are consumed with post-conference details and post-big announcement right now. 
Thanks so much for all your support over the years. We hope you will donate to us in December. 
However, if you feel must donate now to Canada before Christmas please learn how here:
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