Earth Day 2018 Media Release, CCL Ontario Conference, and more.

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Table of Contents:
Earth Day Media Release
CCL Ontario Conference
Macrocritical Resilience
National Conference Guest
Parachutes for the Planet
Nat'l Director at No-fly Conference
LTE Writers Weigh in
Earth Day 2018 Media Release

Canada is at a crossroads which will determine our role in creating the climate conditions of our planet for the next 150 years and beyond. In the next 18 months, Canada will have four critical elections in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and nationally. Fortunately, the majority of Canadians understand the urgency of the climate crisis and want our politicians to act. However, recent polling also indicates that Canadians need more education on carbon pricing. Thus, we put together this media packet to help Canadians understand the facts about the climate crisis, Canada, and carbon pricing to help ensure that Canada sits on the right side of history.





CCL Ontario Conference - Climate Action Counts

WHEN: Thursday, May 3, 2018 - Starts at 4:00 pm ET SHARP! Please sign in five minutes early
WHERE: Zoom Room 3920795005,
4:00 – 4:30 Mark T. Cameron, Canadians for Clean Prosperity
4:30 – 5:00 Keith Brooks, Environmental Defence
5:00 – 6:00 Review of Laser Talk on Electricity Prices in Ontario. The results of our Climate Action Counts survey to the four political parties and what we plan to do with the results. Let’s make sure climate change is discussed during the election. Guidelines and helpful advice for asking questions at a town hall or debate in your riding. An invitation to join LTE-Pressreader Action Team for Ontario Election 2018 in Ontario - Facilitator: Cathy Orlando.

The conference will be recorded and posted online after the conference.

Macrocritical Resilience

Macrocritical Resilience is looking at the pig picture of how we ensure a safe future for all. Principles of Macrocritical Resilience includes the following elements:
Aspirational: Aiming for a healthy human relationship to the Earth’s Climate System - 1.5 degrees is a good start.
Collaboration: Working openly together
Climate: Avoiding Dangerous Interference with the climate system
Energy: Ensuring we use energy in a way that does not interfere with the Earth’s carrying capacity.
Sustenance: Climate disruption threatens the viability of the food supply, and the fabric of the entire economy.
Security: Achieving sustainable outcomes on all the above means that we can live in a secure world of non-warring nation states.


Joe Robertson, CCL global Global Strategy Director, discussed Macrocritical Resilience on a recent CCL Canada education call. Click here to watch.

National Conference - First Guest: Singer-Songwriter Angie Nussey


In 2008, shortly after being trained by Al Gore and Climate Reality, Cathy Orlando, our national director, met Angie Nussey, a gifted singer-songwriter and story-teller at a conference in Sudbury. Angie’s music and story-telling were woven into the conference in a natural, logical and beautiful manner. Afterwards, Angie turned to Cathy and said, “I have a feeling that someday you and I are going to work together at an important conference.” Fast forward to 2018. Cathy was at home listening to Angie’s music and realized this was the time to make that happen. Listening and singing along to the songs on Angie’s album Still Hope is one of things Cathy does to savour the planet. Then it dawned on her, she could invite Angie to be part of our national conference! She circulated a video of Angie to the conference committee and invited Angie to bring her music to the October conference. We are excited to announce that everyone resoundingly said YES!

Registration for our fifth annual conference opens June 1, 2018. The conference and lobbying days will be held October 13-16, 2018 in Ottawa. Look for details in our next newsletter. And as you will see below, music, storytelling and art will be woven into this year’s national conference.

CCL Canada joins Parachutes for the Planet

Parachutes for the Planet is a collaborative art project designed to engage youth and society in getting in touch with and expressing their feelings about climate change through art. This project was initiated by Kallan Benson, a 14-year old who began getting involved with climate activism at the age of 9 at the 2014 People’s Climate March. Citizens’ Climate Lobby activists will be participating in this project, with a display of parachutes at the CCL national conference in Ottawa in October. CCL members learned about this initiative on a recent education call.

CCL Canada National Director at No-fly Conference on Earth Day

On Earth Day, Cathy Orlando brought the CCL solution of grassroots mobilization (2:36) to the "We Don't Have Time Conference" -- the first no-fly global conference on climate change. There were three segments in this conference: Reality, Solutions, and Action. In the Reality section, very sobering data of the state of the world’s cryosphere was presented by Pam Pearson of the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative. As well, Cathy’s dear friend from Climate Reality since 2009, Stuart Scott, described how climate change threatens global food security in the very near future. Cathy joined Jeffrey Sachs, Anders Wijkman (Club of Rome) and others on the Solutions Panel where at the end they discussed carbon pricing. At the beginning of the Action section (3:13), a social media tool that allows you to send love bombs to business leaders, corporations and politicians was unveiled. At the end of the conference (4:20), Ingmar Rentzhog - CEO of We Don't Have Time challenged Jeffrey Sachs, Cathy Orlando and all of you at the mark. Check it out.


WATCH #WeDontHaveTime


LTE Writers in Canada Weigh in on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Since 2010, CCL Canada has been lobbying for carbon fee and dividend. Our official two page policy document and guidelines for carbon pricing both include ending fossil-fuel subsidies. Last year, one of our CCL Action Teams spent a lot of time studying fossil-fuel subsidies and were invited to discuss issue with the Standing Committee on Natural Resources over breakfast in October 2017 using a one page document a team of eight CCLers collaborated on in May 2017 to guide the discussions. In January 2018, a subgroup of them led by Yannick Trottier with the help of Laura Sacks, Judy O’Leary and Cathy Orlando put together a series of exceptional Laser Talks on fossil-fuel subsidies that other climate groups in Canada have utilized. Thus, when PM Trudeau announced that Canada is planning to finance the Kinder Morgan pipeline letter writers across Canada  sprang into action and they were published. Dr. Elaine Blacklock (Sudbury), Carole Lavallee (Chelmsford), Steve May (Sudbury), Cheryl McNamara (Beaches-East York), John Stephenson (Etobicoke), Ron Robinson (Nelson BC), Michael Polanyi (Toronto) and Cathy Orlando (Sudbury) all had something to say about the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and how the government seems poised to subsidise the pipeline through extraordinary guarantees.


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