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  CCL Canada Newsletter, April 2017


Table of Contents:
CCL Canada Earth Day Media Release
The $30 Trillion Business Opportunity - April CCL Canada Education Call with Dr. Srinivasan Keshav
BC Election: Climate Change Counts
CCL Nova Scotia Urges Provincial Government to Hike their Carbon Price
CCL Canada PSA to Air During Stanley Cup Playoffs on Sportsnet
An honest discussion about electricity prices in Ontario with Mike Schreiner
CCL Canada Earth Day Media Release - Let's Talk Carbon Pricing
Climate change is real, it is us, it is bad and there is hope. What is the hope? It is a solvable problem. A strong and predictable carbon pricing policy is one of the key solutions and we don’t have to burden the taxpayer. On Earth Day 2017 and beyond, take the time to learn more about carbon fee and dividend and other carbon pricing policies. Join a local climate group, and learn with others. Speak to friends and politicians. Let your voice be heard. Onward and upward Canada. Future generations are depending on us.

Read the full media release here.

CCL Canada Education with Dr. Keshav: Solar + Storage + IoT + LED = $30 Trillion

Caterina Lindman of CCL Kitchener- Waterloo facilitated an hour-long teleconference call with Dr. Keshav. He presented evidence that the planet is on the cusp of a $30 trillion dollar clean tech revolution. Solar, storage and the internet of things are catalysing the creation of a $30 trillion business opportunity. In discussions with our volunteers it became obvious that if Canada wants to play in this market we need a price on carbon.

Dr. Keshav is a Professor, ACM Fellow, and Cisco Chair in the Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. He is also currently the Chair of ACM SIGCOMM and Associate Dean (Graduate) in the Faculty of Mathematics.

"The solar revolution will be led by accountants," says Dr. Keshav.

Listen to the CCL Canada Education call and find the accompanying pdf here.

BC Election: Climate Change Counts


The Nelson–West Kootenay Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) has prepared a summary of major party provincial platforms in British Columbia on climate action to help citizens of BC during the election better understand their choices. The material presented is taken from published sources, and every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. In presenting this information for voters, CCL does not support any political party.

For a shorter version: ShortTable-BCElectionPolicySummary-Final.
For the version with the hyperlinks – please open the long table in PDFs:LongTable-BCElectionPolicySummary-Final.
Find all the resources on our website here.

CCL Nova Scotia Urges Provincial Government to Hike Carbon Price Onward and Upward

Big thanks to Joanne Light for her leadership in creating a document that highlights how woefully inadequate Nova Scotia’s GHG emissions target are and offering specific suggestions to make Nova Scotia’s climate plan better. Special thanks to Brian Gifford, Andy Blair, and Peggy Cameron for working on the drafts with Joanne and Peter Bateman for submitting the final document to the Government of Nova Scotia. Read the full document here.

CCL Canada PSA during Stanley Cup on Sportsnet

In 2015 CCL-Canada partnered with Barbara Bergen of Luxx Media to produce three Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Costs were covered by a crowdfunding campaign supported by many CCLers. The PSAs were based on messaging from Tom Rand’s book, Waking the Frog. Barbara put together a stellar team of media professionals who created the ads.

CCL Canada's ads first aired on national television for a small fraction of their real dollar value in the lead-up to the Paris Climate Negotiations and Canadian federal election in 2015.
In December 2016, two of the PSAs (PSA#2 and PSA#3) were launched again on national TV on Sportsnet National and Sportsnet 1. Sportsnet also committed to running the PSAs for free into early 2017, even though our paid slots will have run out by then.

Using final monies left over from our original crowd-funding campaign, Sportsnet will be airing PSA#3 at a fraction of the cost during the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Be on the lookout for our PSAs Canada!

CCL Ontario Education: An honest discussion about electricity prices in Ontario with Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario

Everyone in Ontario with a pulse knows that electricity prices are a hot-button issue.

With a provincial election anticipated in just over a year from now, CCL Ontario members are again wrapping their heads around the electricity. It is a complicated issue with strong connections to the carbon pricing and the climate crisis.
GPO leader Mike Schreiner eloquently lined up various elements of Ontario’s electricity system and discussed with CCL Ontario members a long term vision for Ontario’s electricity system. His 20 minute presentation was followed by an in-depth Q&A with our volunteers.
Listen to the call and obtain all the resources here.
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