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  Citizens' Climate Lobby  
  CCL Weekly Briefing, Feb. 8, 2017


Table of Contents:
Republican elder statesmen propose carbon tax as conservative climate plan
Hahrie Han to speak at DC conference
Austin conference packs ‘em in
Jay and Bradley back on the Hill
Facing the Surge filmmaker’s latest project
Webinars to help with Spring Lobby Drive
Republican elder statesmen propose carbon tax as conservative climate plan


A group of Republican elder statesmen released a proposal today for a revenue-neutral carbon tax that returns proceeds to households. The group, working together under the Climate Leadership Council, includes three former Treasury secretaries – Henry Paulson, George Shultz and James Baker, III (shown above). The Council’s plan – The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends – calls for a carbon tax starting at $40 per ton that rises over time. All of the revenue would be returned to households as a quarterly dividend, and border adjustment tariffs would be applied to carbon-intensive imports from countries lacking an equivalent carbon-pricing mechanism.

This is fantastic news: Republican ownership of climate solutions is just what we’ve been working for. We’ve said for some time that the messenger is just as important as the message, and these respected Republican statesmen are the perfect messengers.

Even before this morning’s press conference, the Climate Leadership Council proposal was picked up by the New York Times and CNN. Also this morning, an op-ed from Shultz and Baker about the plan appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Other authors of the plan published an op-ed in the New York Times.

A delegation from the Council was heading to the White House today to brief presidential advisers about the plan. From the plan:

“With the privilege of controlling all branches of government comes a responsibility to exercise wise leadership on climate policy and promote a solution that showcases the full power of enduring conservative convictions.”

Some actions we can take to leverage this wonderful news:

  • Share the op-eds on social media.
  • Liaisons share the Wall St. Journal op-ed with Republican MOCs and staffers, and the New York Times op-ed with Democratic MOCs and staffers.
  • Use the Carbon Dividends proposal in letters to the editor and op-eds as an example of conservatives taking leadership on climate action.
  • Whoever works with your local editors from your group can send the stories to the local editor and reporters.
  • Use the op-eds to encourage local conservative leaders to speak up for climate action or sign our leaders' letters as an endorser.

CCL Legislative Director Danny Richter has compiled a useful Frequently Asked Questions about the Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends on CCL Community.


Hahrie Han to speak at DC conference

We are excited to have confirmed another plenary speaker for our 8th annual Citizens’ Climate International Conference: Hahrie Han, Ph.D. Dr. Han is the Anton Vonk Associate Professor of Environmental Politics in the Department of Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She specializes in the politics of environmental and social policy, focusing particularly on the role that civic associations play in mobilizing participation in politics and policy advocacy. Dr. Han has been published in prominent journals such as the American Sociological Review, and British Journal of Political Science. She is also the author of the book, How Organizations Develop Activists.

Her work explores the reasons why some civic and political associations are so successful at encouraging and maintaining strong levels of activism within their organizations. Dr. Han was our guest on CCL’s Monthly Call in January 2016 (you might remember her discussion about the role of transactional versus transformational engagement in maintaining volunteer interest in organizations). We can’t wait to hear more from her about how we can continue to mobilize political will in 2017!

There’s still time to take advantage of the Early Bird registration rate of $129 for the Conference (through April 30th)! Register TODAY!



Austin conference packs ‘em in

On a sunny evening last Friday, more than 1,000 people gathered in the historic Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin (photo above) to hear one of the world’s foremost climate communicators, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, talk climate change along with an esteemed panel of scientists. Yep, that’s right — 1,000 people, stretched for multiple city blocks while waiting in line for tickets, all to attend a climate change discussion in the heart Texas. CCL helped partner with UT’s Energy Institute to help get the word out about the event and hosted a lively social next door afterwards where hundreds of new volunteers learned about CCL’s approach.

The next day, over 150 volunteers from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi gathered for the fourth annual Third Coast Regional Conference at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

The keynote presentation was given by Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Ret. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who laid out a powerful connection to national security interests. “For us in the military, this business of sea level rise is huge,” Wilkerson said. “Undoubtedly, climate change is the preeminent challenge of the 21st century.”

Overall, the conference brought Texans of all political stripes together to discuss the challenges posed by climate change. “There’s a growing amount of energy right now around engaging such a critical issue,” said Brett Cease, the Lone Star conference organizer. “This weekend’s conference in Texas was focused on positive, non-partisan solutions and what we as citizens can do about it.”



Jay and Bradley back on the Hill
Actor Bradley Whitford and CCL Senior Congressional Liaison Jay Butera were back on Capitol Hill for a series of face-to-face meetings with members of Congress, this time without the Years of Living Dangerously film crew in tow. CCL staffers Stephanie Doyle and Ashley Hunt-Martorano joined them in their meetings with representatives, all of whom are members of the Climate Solutions Caucus. Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL), co-chair of the caucus, recorded and posted a brief video with Bradley. The next day, Bradley tweeted about lobbying with Jay (at left) and urged his followers to join CCL.


Facing the Surge filmmaker’s latest project

Diogo Castro Freire, the documentary filmmaker who created Facing the Surge about sea level rise in Norfolk, VA, is starting his next episode in the Adaptation Now project. You might recall that Facing the Surge premiered at our 2016 Citizens’ Climate International Conference & Lobby Day and then proceeded to be shown in 62 screenings along the east coast of the U.S. More than 2,300 people attended those screenings, and 800 of them registered to be contacted by.

This first film was created in large part due to the support of the CCL volunteers in partnership with other civic-minded organizations, and as a result, 6 new CCL chapters were launched.

Diogo is now beginning the second film, Saving Snow. This second episode will “document how communities whose livelihoods depend on winter sports are coping with climate change.” Saving Snow will “celebrate the unexpected successes in the fight against climate change at the summit: towns powered 100% by renewable energy, the emergence of passionate and creative advocates, and businesses setting a new standard for corporate sustainability.”

Both films are a part of the Adaptation Now documentary project, which was created to “see how climate change already affects us today and how different communities are working to address this challenge.” If you’d like to learn more about his new episode Saving Snow, visit this page.

Webinars to help with Spring Lobby Drive

We’ve set a goal of 300 in-district congressional meetings with members of Congress during the Spring Lobby Drive. Our purpose is to continue building political will for the passage of Carbon Fee and Dividend. Our next two webinars on CC University will help prepare groups for those meetings.

This Thursday (Feb. 9) at 8 p.m. ET, join Citizen’s Climate Lobby’s Director of Operations Amy Bennett as she shares best practices and walks you through the process of scheduling a meeting with a member of Congress.

1. Join the video conference

2. Or, join by phone: 408-638-0968 or toll-free 877-369-0926 and enter meeting code 2017201717 when prompted.

The following Thursday (Feb. 16) at 8 p.m., join Citizen’s Climate Lobby’s Legislative and Research Director Danny Richter as he helps us prepare for our upcoming in-district lobby meetings.

1. Join the video conference

2. Or, join by phone: 408-638-0968 or toll-free 877-369-0926 and enter meeting code 2017201717 when prompted.

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